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Covid - 19 

GUPDC is committed to ensuring the safety of its members, in these unprecedented times it is more important than ever for us as a club to ensure that all our members are as safe as possible when with us. 


we are doing this in multiple ways;


. Class sizes this year are smaller than ever before, this has been done to ensure that social distancing can be adhered to during classes. 


. We are requesting that everyone who attends a class wear a mask (unless a pre-existing health condition makes you exempt)


. We are committed to ensuring higher levels of cleanliness then ever before, this will be done through disinfecting the pole between every use


. Socially distant socials, we are happy to announce that GUPDC will still be running socials this year however they will be slightly different with, socially distant fun keep an eye on our social media for more information on how these will work and what they will be

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